We’re the Panthers and proud of it! When you drive onto campus, one of the first things you’ll notice is our athletic facilities. We’re proud of our dedicated and experienced coaches, our top-quality athletic venues, and our building and grounds staff who keep everything in great condition.

Our athletic program isn’t just about shiny facilities and competing for awards. Our coaches are 100% invested in the lives of each athlete, seeking to build character right alongside athletic skills. Our coaches love their sports, but they’ve chosen to coach because they value the life-on-life discipleship opportunities that come through athletic preparation and competition. Sports teams spend hours together every season—traveling and team building, practicing and competing, winning and losing—and we believe these hours provide prime opportunities to build relationships and get to the heart of each student.


Mrs. Andrea Cansler

Cross Country (grades 6-12)

Mrs. Rachel Burrow

Middle School Girls Volleyball

Mr. Peter Dickinson

Middle School Boys Soccer

Miss Anne Shaw

JV/Varsity Girls Volleyball

Mr. Cody Lehman

Varsity Boys Soccer

Miss Anne Shaw

Middle School Girls Basketball

Mr. Jon Wynn

Middle School Boys Basketball

Mrs. Hannah Willis

Varsity Girls Basketball

Mr. Jonathan Edwards

JV & Varsity Boys Basketball

Mrs. Sarah Lehman

Varsity Girls Soccer

Mr. Jeremy Revis

Varsity Co-ed Golf

Mr. Jeff Peek

Varsity Boys Baseball

Miss Bonnie Brazier

Middle School Girls Soccer Coach


Fall Sports

Boys/Girls Cross Country

Boys Soccer

Girls Volleyball

Winter Sports

Boys Basketball

Girls Basketball

Spring Sports

Boys Baseball

Girls Soccer

Co-ed Golf

Athletic Calendar