We’re excited to share our philosophy of Christian education with you. In the following video series, Dr. Kevin Priest addresses topics such as “Why Christian education,” “Are Christian schools still important,” “Why did some people have such negative experiences in the Christian school environment,” and “What does authentically Christian education look like.” He unpacks the meaning and heart of our core values—truth, love, and service—and how we incorporate them into daily life here at Hampton Park Christian School.

Are Christian Schools Still Important Today?

At its core, the purpose of education involves identifying what’s true and good and valuable. In the digitally connected age we live in, we believe it’s more important than ever for kids to think “Christianly,” viewing life through the lens of God’s Word.

Partnership in Training the Next Generation

Have you ever wondered how Christian parenting and Christian education work together? At HPCS we engage in a mutually respectful partnership between Christian parents and teachers. We believe our role is to support parents in their God-given role to educate and disciple their children.

Safety Priorities

Safety is a big deal. It’s also multifaceted. It involves physical, relational, theological, and emotional safety. At HPCS, we prioritize every facet.

Getting the Christian Education Conversation Started

We like to say that every day is Open House at HPCS! As a Christian parent, you decide where to send your kids to school, and we respect that a lot of factors go into that decision. Whether or not you plan to enroll at HPCS, we invite you to come for a visit, talk with us about your questions and decision-making process, and receive a personal tour of campus.

Our Ultimate Goal for our Students

Our goal is to prepare graduates to enter adulthood not only with the academic skills they need for success but also with a well-established relationship with God that will anchor and guide them for the rest of their lives.

A Culture of Loving Discipleship

What makes Christian education real and life-giving? Relationships. HPCS practices a deep-seated commitment to truth, love, and service in relationships. These core values guide our culture and interactions.

Healing for Those Hurt by Christian Schools

Christian education that approaches students from a position of 1 Corinthians 13 love and trust provides a safe culture for growth in godliness. Sadly, some people experienced a Christian school environment that was harmful to them. When control and fear are used as motivators, the end result is damaging. No heart was every controlled into Christlikeness, and there is no fear in love.

Our Big Whys

What are the main reasons to choose a Christian education?

A Personal Story

Dr. Priest shares his personal story of how he was influenced by Christian education and why he chose a Christian education for his own family.

Love Lives Here

“The most fun I have throughout the day is interacting with the kids!” — Dr. Kevin Priest
The relational moments we share with each other and with our students—that’s what gets us up every morning.

Challenges Along the Way

Participation in Christian education has its challenges. In this video, we take a look at some common obstacles parents may face in choosing a Christian school.

A Lifetime Investment

If you’re wondering whether the cost of Christian education is worth it, here’s a short video for you. The education choices you make for your children will impact them for a lifetime.

Core Values

Truth, love, and service are the core values of HPCS’s authentically Christian education.

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